domingo, 10 de enero de 2010

I'm lerning to fall...

Today it's the worst day of my life.I'd realize that life it's not fairytale with rainbows and pretty colours, that happiness it's not forever,and people can be mean and hurtful.So as a shield I refuse to belive all the things they say.In this world perfection doesnt's exist and to make ir worse, I can't be or do all the things I want.It's difficult to be someone here or be accept by everybody.I know that not all people believe in me or in the things I'm able to do.

Today, the bubble around my world was destroy.I'm so stupid for belive in false illusions.I feel so pathetic for falling over and over again.But everybody makes mistakes, and it's suppose that we have to learn something about it. I need to learn a huge lesson that make me understand this life.It's not gonna be easy, but I'll try to get over this because I'm strong and this it's only one of hundred battles that I'll have to fight in my life.I know, my life isn't perfect.But everytime I stumble, it means I will try to reach my goals. I won't allow myself to give up. I know life it's hard,but unfortunately this is the real world and nobody can change it,only accept it.

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  1. tengo dos opciones: o cada uno tiene un karma muy grande que tiene que pagarlo con dolor y pena o esta puta vida es demasiado injusta para ser feliz ¬¬

    cual de las dos opciones me favorece mas???? T.T

    te amo ♥

  2. and I think that everything we do is tell "ok all is gonna be fine" but until that accept our reality as it is, nothing will change, the sad thing is that so many people is not happy with the life can give them and they have to lie to be sad.
    you are in a new level of live, much better of course, and make you soo much perfect ,dont stop for nothing and anybody because you will shine for how you are.

  3. estas en lo cierto, así es la vida y no hay de otra que aceptarla, porque un no podemos modificar el futuro...


  4. Mi catta(L)
    Si pudiera entender el ingles, haría un comentario como la gente, y acorde pero como no sé. Jaja, te quiero amiga mia :)^^

    Sabes qué? Me volvió a escribir para verme :(

  5. Tienes toda la razón. La vida es difícil, no es el cuento de hadas bonito y perfecto que te vendían cuándo eras pequeña. Pero con fuerza y con las personas que quieras a tu lado, el mundo es un sitio mucho mejor :).
    1 beso!